Nusantara Sehat Team-based Deployment for Comprehensive Primary Health Care: How Does the Program Influence Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and the Perception of a Primary Health Care Career in Left-Behind Areas in Indonesia

The adequacy of health workers in Indonesia remains a challenge to establish equality in serving comprehensive primary health care (PHC) particularly in underserved and peripheral areas. Many believes that comprehensive health care services should cover the promotive, preventive, and curative care by many disciplines of health. In line with this view, since 2015 the Ministry of Health has been initiating the Nusantara Sehat Team-based Deployment Program (NST), which consists of multi profession of health workers deployed at the Primary Health Care in remote areas. This study aims to explore how the NST influences the interprofessional collaboration to improve community health status and how the program affects the health workers’ future career path.