The Mechanism of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise's Data Integration in Indonesia for Targeting Social Assistance and Empowerment Programs

Primary Messages Developing sustainable livelihood programs for poor and vulnerable people through strengthening the economy of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is currently the government's primary strategy, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak. • It is necessary to have a beneficiary database that is used and acknowledged by all parties as a basis for providing various assistance such as capital assistance, energy subsidies, tax relief, or other required interventions. • The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia has issued instructions to immediately identify micro and small enterprise data to assist various parties, both government and non-government, and to develop an initial database of micro and small enterprises in Indonesia. • It is necessary to integrate and consolidate data across agencies so that the government, agencies, or other parties can use it to provide assistances or program empowerment interventions. • Integrated data allows the government to provide more effective and accountable assistance to MSMEs. • MSME data task force need to be formed to oversee the mechanism for data collection, updating, and management to ensure that there is a recognized database that is accessible by various parties.