TNP2K regularly issues publications that contain data, information and the results of research related to efforts to accelerate poverty reduction.

Data & Indicator

Data and Indicator

Until March 2017, the national poverty level was successfully reduced to 10.64 percent from 13.33 percent in 2010.

Unified Database

The BDT is used to improve the quality of targeting social assistance programmes. It helps programme planning and improves the use of budgets and resources.

Pemutakhiran Basis Data Terpadu (PBDT)

Basis Data Terpadu digunakan untuk memperbaiki kualitas penetapan sasaran program-program perlindungan sosial. Basis Data Terpadu membantu perencanaan program, memperbaiki penggunaan anggaran dan sumber daya program perlindungan sosial.

Updating the Unified Database (UDB) 2015

The Unified Database (UDB) is an electronic data system which contains the names, addresses, IDs and basic socioeconomic information on individuals from 25 million households in Indonesia


For Poverty Reduction

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has been and is seeking to accelerate poverty reduction through various programmes, as undertaken by various ministries and related institutions.


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Pembiayaan Mikro Jadi Solusi Mudah Permodalan Nelayan

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Pesona Tuna Sebagai Penggerak Bisnis Perikanan Indonesia

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Kejaksaan Siap Kawal Pembangunan dan Selamatkan Kerugian Negara

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Jumlah Lansia Sehat Harus Meningkat

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