Office Of The Secretary

Executive Secretary

TNP2K is assisted in its duties by the Executive Secretary.

The Executive Secretary formulates policies and programmes, set goals, builds databases, conducts monitoring and evaluation, performs various analyses required and provides technical and administrative support to TNP2K.

In carrying out its duties, the Executive Secretary is responsible to the Chairman of National Team.


Policy Working Group

The Policy Working Group, headed by the working group coordinator, was formed to support the smooth implementation of TNP2K's Executive Secretary's duties. 

Each working group consists of representatives from governments, communities, businesses and other stakeholders. Membership of the working group are proposed by TNP2K's Executive Secretary and then set by the Vice President, as Chairman of TNP2K. 

Each working group is tasked with providing support to TNP2K's Executive Secretary in terms of formulating and supervising policies to accelerate povery reduction, controlling, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of poverty reduction programmes in relation to their respective duties and responsibilities.


Office of the Secretary

Office of the secretary which lead by the Head of the Secretary Office was established to support the tasks of TNP2K's Executive Secretary.

TNP2K's secretary office provides technical and administrative support to TNP2K's Executive Secretary. The organisational structure of the secretariat consists of the General Section, Department of Planning and Finance as well as Data and Information Section. 

TNP2K Secretarial duties in general are:

  • Provide support in terms of formulating policy to accelerate poverty reduction, as well as monitor and evaluate the implementation of poverty reduction programmes.

  • Provide support in terms of data collection and information for poverty reduction.

  • Provide support in terms of budgeting for poverty reduction programmes.

  • Provide support in terms of facilitating local government and other stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of poverty alleviation efforts at the provincial and district/city levels.