2015 Integrated Database: To Eliminate Beneficiaries of Poor Handling Programs Based on Desired Parameters

Integrated Database (BDT) 2015 is an electronic database system of poor and vulnerable households in Indonesia managed and stored by TNP2K. This data is specifically designed to support ministries and agencies wishing to plan a poverty alleviation program. BDT 2015 covers 40% of Indonesia's population with the lowest socioeconomic conditions. This database includes not only those who are below the poverty line but also those who are vulnerable.

As the name implies, this database was updated in 2015 by accommodating all previous poor household data. The data adopted are from the Social Protection Program Data Collection (PPLS) 2011, Raskin Program, Beneficiary of Contribution (PBI) from JKN program, Social Protection Card and Family Hope Program (PKH), as well as updated data made by the local government. To obtain monthly household expenditure data, BDT 2015 is calibrated using SUSENAS 2011 - 2014 data.

As a parameter of welfare / poverty, in addition to monthly household expenditures, BDT 2015 also provides several other parameters, namely demography, education, employment, household facilities, asset ownership and Geographic Difficulties Index (IKG). Thus the dimension of poverty can be seen more widely not only based on the inability to fulfill basic needs. With more diverse parameters, poverty alleviation program planners can sort out beneficiary data according to program criteria.