KPS Database

The unified database (Basis Data Terpadu, or BDT) for social assistance programmes is an electronic data system that contains social, economic and demographic information on around 24.5 million households, or 96 million individuals, living in Indonesia’s lowest welfare bracket. Its main data source are the results of data collections on social protection programmes carried out by the Central Statistics Agency (Badan Pusat Statistik, or BPS) from July-December 2011 (PPLS 2011).

The unified database is used to improve the quality of target among social assistance programmes. The unified database helps with programme planning, as well as improving the budget use and resources of social assistance programmes. The number and targeted beneficiaries of a programme can be analysed from the onset of planning using the data from the unified database. This will help reduce the mistakes when selecting the targeted groups for social assistance programmes.

Ministries, local governments and other institutions running poverty alleviation programmes and social assistance programmes can use data from the unified database free of charge from the TNP2K’s secretariat.

Further information on the unified database (BDT) can be obtained by clicking here.