Programme to Create Productive Family Activities

The productive activities programme provides support for productive assets to groups of disadvantaged families. For example: the provision of fertiliser, machines of grind rice, fishing nets, etc.

Provides operating funds to these productive business groups consisting of between eight and ten disadvantaged familiies who are KKS holders.

A productive activities facilitator assists the productive business group by determining the type of business to be conducted and building capacity through training.

Productive business groups open joint accounts to receive funds for productive business activities.

Several programme are available to be used and developed as part of the creation of productive family activities:

Family Hope Programme (PKH)

  • Operating in 34 provinces, 333 districts/cities.
  • 2.8 million families involved.

Productive Business Programmes for PKH Participants

  • Some are KPS holders and receive assistance from facilitators for six months.
  • Operating in two out of the 19 priotiy districts/cities (189 groups)
  • Operating in the 48 non-priority districts/cities (3,163 groups)

Productive Business Programmes for KPS Holders

  • All are KPS holders and receive assistance
  • Operating in five pilot districts/cities (100 groups)
  • Pilot locations: Bandung, Cianjur, Bekasi, Pematang Siantar and Kupang

Other Productive Business Programmes

  • Operating in five out of 19 priority districts/cities (130 groups)
  • Locations: North Jakarta, East Jakarta, Surabaya, Jembrana and North Mamuku