Role of TKSK in KPS Distribution

Sub-district social welfare workers (TKSK), according to Ministry of Social Affairs Regulation Number 3 of 2013 on TKSK, have been given their roles, functions and authority from the Ministry of Social Affairs and/or government offices/provincial social agencies, government offices/kabupaten social agencies/cities for a period of time to implement and/or assist with the implementation of social welfare in accordance with their assigned area in a sub-district.

TKSK also partner with community social workers and youth groups at the village/kelurahan level, which can be used as resources in community social events.

When distributing KPS, TKSK must:

  • Facilitate the preparation and completion of the summary of replacement households lists.
  • Facilitate the return of KPS by households that reject the KPS, or have been swapped following the musdes/muskel process, for further summary at the sub-distric level.
  • Inform the heads of sub-districs of the replacement household forms at each village/kelurahan in their respective sub-districs.

Meanwhile, at the village/kelurahan musyawarah:

  • Heads of villages/lurah provide minutes and summaries of replacement household forms to TKSK.
  • TKSK create summaries of replacement households at the sub-distict level and confirm that the total number of replacement households is equal to the number that have been replaced, the informas the sub-distric head of these figures.
  • TKSK submits minutes and summaries of replacement household forms from all villages/kelurahan in a region to the sub-district's post office.
  • Sub-district's post office inputs the results of the replacement household summaries and sends the list of replacement households to the central post office.
  • TKSK oversee the entire updated KPS process.

For replacement KPS households, they must receive an SKRTM. Filling in the SKRTM is done by replacement households with assistance from village officials and/or TKSK as well as approval from the village/lurah head. SKRTM are used to obtain a replacement KPS.

For more information on the role of TKSK in the distribution of KPS, please download the TKSK Handbook here.